Be Rich

Be Rich

Be Rich is a game where you can build up a real estate business
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Be Rich is a game where you can build up a real estate business. This game has been developed by Divo Games for Big Fish games. The download link points to a downloader, the game's total size is about 80 Mb.

Be Rich can be played in career mode or sandbox mode. In the career mode you must achieve a task before deadline. Should you succeed, you´ll be awarded with a promotion. As you climb up your career, you will be able to upgrade your company adding different departments and buildings. In the sandbox mode you can build your own town at your leisure. In both modes you can construct bungalows, brick houses, duplexes, shops, workshops, trees, fountains, roads, bridges and more. You must sell and purchase buildings in order to increase your daily income and city population.

At the beginning of the game you can choose an assistant that will work with you, based on his previous experience and studies. Your assistant will introduce you to the basics of the business, through a brief tutorial. This way, you´ll learn how to build houses, collect rents and everything else.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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